About MySC

& Marie Frances Mozina

We are living in an era where the world is becoming smaller and smaller. Knowing just your native language is not enough to find the job, adventures or lifestyle that you want. We are every day more connected. 

Since the world keeps changing, sometimes we leave our dreams and goals aside because of fear, because we are comfortable where we are and we are afraid to change, because it is too hard!

My Spanish Connection (MySC) introduces the Spanish language and Hispanic and Latin American Culture including (but not limited to) basic conversation skills, vocabulary, geography, customs and daily life.

My Spanish Connection (MySC) Online Spanish Classes is the number one place to get started and strengthen Your Spanish skills and expand Your horizons.  It’s the ultimate solution for those that will be traveling soon to Spanish speaking countries, and for those that just want to learn Spanish for school, work, or self improvement.

Be Ready for that Internship, Project, Promotion, Deployment or Adventure!

Meet the

Creator | Owner | Educator

¡Hola! My name is Marie-Frances Mozina and I am a Spanish online teacher. I like to help people achieving their Spanish language goals. 

I was born and raised in Ecuador. Since I was a kid, I have always felt curiosity for culture and language due to the fact that I come from a really diverse family. I am an American and Slovenian descendant. 

My passions and hobbies are centered in traveling, cultures, dance, film, theater, and literature. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, USA, as well as a Master’s degree in Media and Communication from Kingston University in England.

During my time in college I worked as a Spanish tutor and always participated in cultural and language events until I went to study Intercultural Communication at the University of Gdańsk in Poland that I realized that sharing my knowledge in cultural studies is what fascinates me.

My knowledge in my native language and culture had made me connect with people from all over the world and be connected with other people that speak Spanish around the world.

In addition, I received the ELE certification to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language: levels A1-C2 by Tía Tula, School of Spanish, Centro Acreditado por el Instituto Cervantes. 

Learning a new language can be challenging, so that is why I would love to teach not only my native language but also my culture; in order to immerse the student in a new, fascinating world before they are planning a holiday trip, business trip or moving to Spain or Latin America. What I want the most is that my students are having fun while learning. Welcome to this new adventure!