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Sudden travel plans can be daunting.

Not being prepared is Worse.

Are You suddenly being deployed to a Spanish speaking country… in like 2 weeks??
Are You going on a missionary trip to a Latin country…  but You leave next week?
Perhaps You have an emergency for work, you will be there for a short period –
but, You are leaving right now, tonight!

Solution: My Spanish Connection Crash Course – Group Class“.

It is a Fun, Friendly, Safe, and Cost-effective group online class for those who are travelling very soon, in a hurry, to Spanish speaking country – or are already there on location Right Now! 

You will get an accelerated, stripped down course to survive!

Meet and interact with new people going through what You’re going through – Launched into a New World!

*If You are Looking for 1-On-1 Classes check this out!

Survival Fundamentals

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